The Kick off

1.   Veggie Samosa    
$ 4.50
Savoury crisp pastry, filled with spiced potatoes and green peas  
2.   Veggie Fritters    
Pakoras of mixed vegies, lightly spiced and deep fried  
3.   Onion Bhaji  
Onion fritters, served with our home made chutney  
4.   Vegetarian Entree Platter  
Assortment of Onion bhaji, Veg Pakora, Samosa, and Spring Roll  
5.   Spring Rolls ..Vegie   
6.   Fish Amritsari       
Secret recipe from Punjab, Spiced fried fish.....tasty  
7.   Chicken 65  
South Indian style spiced chicken in batter.

Tandoori Temptations

8.   Chicken Tikka   
Fillets marinated in selected tandoori spices, chargrilled!  
9. Seekh Kebab    
Tender lamb mince sausages mixed with spices and herbs cooked in the Tandoor  
10.  Tandoori Chicken    
$ Half…7.50
$ F
Tender and skinless, marinated with yoghurt and spices, chargrilled!  
11.  Kebab n Naan- light meal for any occasion 10.50
A combination of char grilled meats served with salad, chutney, Naan bread & Pulao rice  

ONLY @ Spice LoungeAvailable only as a Special of the day

Aromatic Basmati Rice cooked with Chicken, Mutton or Lamb unique in flavour

With an Asian Influence

13.  Chilli Chicken …….. 10.50
Spicy battered chicken stirfried to perfection  
14.  Chilli Prawn …….. 14.50
Spicy battered tiger prawn stirfried to perfection  
15.  Manchurian Vegetable…     
Spicy battered assorted veggies stirfried to perfection  

Chicken Choices

16.  Butter Chicken 11.50
Chargrilled fillets in a harmonious blend of tomatoes and spices, enriched with cream  
17.  Chicken N Potato curry 9.50
….the traditional favourite  
18.  Spice Lounge Dhaba Chicken 11.50
Literally Tandoori chicken cooked in hawker style gravy topped with boiled egg  
19.  Chicken Tikka Masala 10.50
Bar-b qued fillets in exquisite spices, wok tossed with tomato, pepper and ginger sauce  
20.  Kadai Chicken 9.50
cooked in a traditional Wok  with fresh tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic, 
fresh herbs and spices
21.  Chicken Saag  
Simmered in fresh spinach puree lightly spiced, finished with cream  
22.  Chicken Chettinad 9.50
Cooked in South Indian spices with mustard seeds and a dash of coconut cream  
23.  Almond Chicken Korma 10.50
Cooked with mild spices, and pureed almonds garnished with cream

Lamb Creations

24.  Lamb Roghani  
Favourite of all, diced lamb in yoghurt and tomato base gravy, medium spiced  
25.  Bhoona Lamb 
Traditional curry, in a tomato and onion gravy, flavoured with black pepper  
26.  Lamb Saag 
Simmered in fresh spinach puree lightly spiced, finished with cream
27.  Cashew Lamb Korma 
Cooked in mild exotic spices, pureed cashews, mild  
28. Mutton Masala 
Diced goat meat in a gravy made with lamb mince and tomato, very unique  
29.  Mutton Rogan Josh 
Tender Goat meat on bone, cooked in tomato and onion gravy, very tasty


30.  Beef / lamb / Chicken Vindaloo 9.50
Fish 12.50
Prawn 14.50

In a spicy tangy sauce, unique to the coastal state of Goa, a treat to chilli lovers


Seafood Cravings

31. Bengal Fish Curry....ask for mild or Spicy 
Fresh fish fillets cooked with mustard seeds, coconut cream and medium spices  
32.  Prawn Coconut curry  
Tiger prawns cooked with five spices, fresh herbs and a dash of coconut cream  
33.  Prawn Masala 14.50
Selected seafood cooked with exotic spices, tomato and fresh coriander  

The Vegetable Aisle

34.  Balti Mixed Vegies 8.50
Seasonal mixed, sautéed with delicate spices garnished with fresh coriander  
35.  Eggplant Masala 
Cooked with potatoes, fresh tomatoes and ginger sauce, garnished with coriander  
36.  Saag Paneer  
37.  Chic Peas n Potato in a spicy tomato gravy…  
Pureed spinach and home made cottage cheese uniquely blended with spices  
38.  Kadai Paneer 
Cottage cheese cooked in a dry preparation in a spicy mix…popular !!  
39.  Malai Kofta  
Veggie dumplings blended with cottage cheese, stuffed with dry fruits in a mild sauce  
40.  Dal Makhani  
Mixed Lentils and kidney beans slowly simmered with fine herbs finished with cream  
41.  Aloo Gobi  
Tempered cauliflower and potato cooked in a dry tomato based gravy and green peas  
42.  Aloo Saag  
Potato and pureed spinach cooked in a blend of spices  
43.  Dal Tarka 
Yellow lentils with mild spices ..  

Rice Selections

44.  Basmati Rice 
45.  Coconut Rice   
Basmati rice flavoured with coconut, tempered with mustard seeds

Breads… Fresh baked

46.  Bature .. served with chole (chic pea curry & salad)-a light meal 7.50
47.  Naan … Home baked fresh bread 2.00
48.  Tandoori Roti … Home baked wholemeal bread 1.50
49.  Garlic Naan…basted with garlic 2.50
50.  Cheese & Chive Naan 
Stuffed with cottage cheese, fresh chives and spices  
51.  Onion Naan 2.50
Bread stuffed with onion and herbs  
52.  Aloo Paratha  
Bread stuffed with spiced potato  
53.  Keema Naan 3.00
Stuffed with spiced lamb or Chicken mince  


54.  Raita   
A yoghurt dip with tomatoes & cucumber  
55.  Papaddum (4 pcs) 
Crispy lentil wafers with a mint and tamarind dip  

Sweet Endings

56.  Mango Ice Cream 3.50
Three scoops of the best!  Mango Tango, Butter Scotch and Vanilla-choc fudge  
57.  Kulfi 3.50
Homemade pistachio Ice Cream  
58.  Yoghurt Lassi   
Churned yoghurt drink Sweet, Salty or Mango  
59.  Gulab Jamun 2.50

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